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NEW FOR 2015!!!

After receiving much feedback from our local parents, Park Ridge Baseball and Softball is happy to announce a new league format for 11 and 12 year old boys.  Starting in the 2015 season, boys trying out and  earning a spot on the  11 and 12 year old Warrior teams will play on those teams full time.  All others will play in a single 11/12 Junior League.

This new format will provide an option for those boys that want to play in a full time competitive travel program.  All boys that wish to compete in the travel program will have the ability to tryout for the Warriors during the week of 8/26.   The 11 and 12 year old Warrior teams will compete in various tournaments and the LSFBL during the 2015 season.  For those that do not play in Warrior leagues, they will still have the ability to play in the highly competitive Junior League.

More details will be forthcoming as the 2015 season approaches.

Tryouts will begin 8/25/14

Click Here for 2015 Tryout Dates     2015 Warrior Tryout Process     2015-Warrior-Tryout-Evaulation-Form.pdf

To ensure a smooth and fair tryout, please pre-register by
emailing warriors@prbaseball.com and in the subject line, put the name of your child
and what age group he will be playing in NEXT year. For example: Subject John Smith



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