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Parental Code of Conduct

Pistols Parental Code of  Conduct 

1. I will let the players play: Cheer them on when they do well, encourage them when they don’t. You will not coach or instruct from the stands, and will not interfere with the game. Don’t expect more than they can deliver, and most importantly, be a fan of everyone on the team, not just your own child. 

2. I will communicate responsibly. If a problem needs to be discussed, you will wait 24 hours to request a meeting with the Manager to calmly discuss the issue. Any safety or health related item should be identified immediately. If a meeting with the Manager cannot be arranged in a timely manner, contact the Pistols Director to schedule a meeting. 

3. I will let the coaches coach. Your child’s coach deserves your cooperation and respect even if you disagree with how the team is managed. If you have concerns or problems with coaching methods or decisions, you will discuss them in a civil manner with the head coach, outside the presence of players and other parents. You will reframe from “sideline” negative talk and/or passive aggressive behaviors that have an ability to create an environment and culture inconsistent with the objectives of the team. You will abide by a mandatory 24-hour cool-down period before discussing an issue.

4. I will let the umpires umpire. You will accept the calls made by the umpire and understand that the Pistols Manager is the sole individual responsible for reviewing plays and rules with the umpire. You will not make any negative comments to the umpires or about their calls. 

5. I understand that playing for the Park Ridge Pistols is a privilege. Our family made this decision completely voluntarily, without any pressure or coercion. You acknowledge that paying the team fee entitles your child to nothing more than being part of the team and the playing rules outlined by travel league and individual tournaments.

6. I agree and understand the reality that playing time cannot be equal. Some players may have more plate appearances, innings pitched, positions and roles than other players. That is the nature of the game and is at the discretion of the coach. 

7. I will not enter the dugout or participate in conversations with the team during a game. I will ensure that my daughter is prepared with everything she needs prior to the game. 

8. I will encourage my child to take ownership and be responsible for her softball experience

9. I will encourage my child to follow the same Code of Conduct outlined here. Your daughter must follow this same code, and any violations can jeopardize her playing time or spot in the program.

10. I will display good sportsmanship and represent my community in a responsible manner. 

11. I will respect the facilities that we play in and I will assist in keeping them clean and safe. 

12. I will positively encourage the players on the field. While softball “chatter” is sometimes used during a game, loud obnoxious noises or screaming with the intent to rattle the opposing pitcher is prohibited. Intentional distractions, such as banging or rattling dugout fences will not be tolerated. 

14. I will abide by the Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines 

All Park Ridge Baseball/Softball (PRBS) Members shall abide by the following guidelines when using social media: 

1. Be positive and respectful, and always take the high road. When disagreeing with others’ opinions, remain appropriate and polite. If you find yourself in a situation online that is becoming antagonistic, ask the PRBS Board of Directors for advice on how to disengage from the dialogue in a polite and respectful manner that reflects well on PRBS. 2. Do not post content that would harm PRBS or damage PRBS’s reputation. Remember that even while you are on your own personal time, you are a representative of PRBS, and people may interpret your online postings or social interactions as though they were official PRBS statements or opinions. 

3. Use good judgment when posting comments on any PRBS sites, or your own personal social media sites. If you are unsure whether a comment is appropriate to post, do not post it. 

4. Be smart about what you publish. Once something is posted, it exists online forever. Ask yourself, “would I want to see this published in the newspaper or posted on a billboard tomorrow or ten years from now?” If the answer is “no,” do not post. 

5. Encourage others to engage in positive interactions on social media. If you are concerned about any PRBS Member’s use of social media, please bring your concerns to the attention of any PRBS Directors, so it can be reviewed further. 

6. Personally identifiable information (information, such as a name and date of birth and/or a street address which, when taken together, can identify a particular individual) should not be disclosed in any manner on official PRBS social networking sites without the approval of the Board of Directors. 

Violations of the Social Media Policy 

The PRBS Board of Directors shall have the authority to monitor and enforce this Social Media Policy. The PRBS Board of Directors, and any individual appointed by the Board of Directors, shall have the authority to remove any inappropriate or offensive comments from official PRBS sites, and to block any individual from posting on any official PRBS social media platform if  they  determine, in their sole discretion, that such removal or block is in the best interests of PRBS. Failure by any PRBS Member to adhere to this Social Media Policy shall be considered in violation of the PRBS Code of Conduct, and shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including removal from PRBS programs. 

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Park Ridge Baseball / Softball

P.O. Box 1044, FAX: 847.770.4965
Park Ridge, Illinois 60068

Email: [email protected]

Park Ridge Baseball / Softball

P.O. Box 1044, FAX: 847.770.4965
Park Ridge, Illinois 60068

Email: [email protected]
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