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Our Mission

To provide the youth of Park Ridge Illinois with the opportunity to compete in sports and combat juvenile delinquency, without regard to race, creed and religion or ability in a constructive healthy environment.

Our Culture

Park Ridge Baseball/Softball (PRBS) has a 55 year tradition of providing safe and healthy activity. Our standards on all aspects of the game (pitching, hitting, sliding, weather, etc.) have consistently been equal to or more conservative than our peers (or consistent with national standards.)

Health and Safety Committee

The following PRBS Board members serve on the Health and Safety Committee:

  • Tom Farinella
  • Ted Haufle
  • Jerry Scafa



When a player is injured, even if you may feel that the injury is very minor in nature, the player’s parents should always be notified.

External Bleeding: The most effective method of controlling external bleeding is the application of direct pressure with a sterile dressing directly on the wound. If bleeding is severe and uncontrolled, a paramedic ambulance should be called. Latex gloves, provided in the manager’s first aid kit, should be used when attending to a blood injury. Replacement First Aid Kits can be obtained at the Equipment Room.

Facial, Head, Neck, Chest and Back Injuries: These injuries may vary greatly in severity from very minor to an actual threat to life. The primary concerns of these injuries are potential breathing problems and/or neck and spinal cord injury. If breathing difficulty, unconsciousness or spinal injury is suspected, a fire department paramedic ambulance should be called immediately. If the player is unable to move (head, arms, legs, etc.) by himself, do not move him. Moving the victim improperly may cause further serious injury. The victim should only be moved by trained medical personnel.

Suspected Broken Bones, Sprains and Strains: If the victim has suffered an obvious fracture (severe angulation, open wound with bone showing, etc.) an fire department ambulance should be called. If a fracture, sprain or strain is suspected, the affected area should be gently supported and an ice pack applied. The player’s parents should be immediately notified, and further medical care left to the parent’s discretion.

Heat Exhaustion: Immediately move player to a cooler place, an air conditioned automobile, etc. Give the player some cool water to drink. Advise player’s parents. If life threatening symptoms are noted, a fire department ambulance should be called immediately.

Insect Stings/Inhaled Substances: Player’s parents should be asked if the child is prone to an allergic reaction from insect stings, dust pollen, etc. A serious allergic reaction can occur within seconds of exposure. A child who is stung should be observed for itching or burning skin, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, dizziness or faintness. If life-threatening symptoms are noted, a fire department ambulance should be called immediately.

In all cases of injury, the player’s parents should be advised. In cases of injury requiring professional medical treatment, your league president must be advised and a PRBS Injury Tracking Report must be completed and submitted to your League President.

If good judgment dictates that immediate and more definitive medical treatment is indicated, the Park Ridge Fire Department Paramedics should be called: 911

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