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Frequently asked questions

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for Park Ridge Baseball/Softball


Is Park Ridge Baseball/Softball an affiliate of the Park Ridge Park District?

Yes.  Park Ridge Baseball/Softball is the sole authorized youth baseball/softball affiliate of the Park Ridge Park District.

The Park Ridge Recreation and Park District, recognizes that certain activities or programs may be better implemented through existing or newly created special interest organizations than by the District directly.  Accordingly, the District in its sole discretion, shall determine which activities or programs satisfy that criterion and may authorize an organization to provide such activities or programs on the District’s behalf as an affiliate organization of the District (the “Affiliate”).  Each Affiliate will be strictly accountable to the District for the conduct of its activities and programs, so that the District can adequately discharge its duty of accountability to its residents; and because the Affiliate’s sole purpose is to support and augment the District’s facilities or programs, the District’s Board of Commissioners shall have final authority and control over the Affiliate and its activities on Park District owned or controlled property.


Who are the members of the Baseball/Softball Board of Directors?

Garry AbezetianCommissioner/BOARD PRESIDENT; Warrior Assistant Director; Purchasing; Scheduling; R/O Rescheduling; Registration; League-Wide E-Mail Lists; DATA Base

Fred Angelini: Colt, Palomino, Thoroughbred League Vice President (Spring/Fall); Construction Committee; Hinkley Committee; Umpire Committee

Jeffrey Barsuk:  Little Sluggers (LS) League President;  Medical Advisor; Health & Safety Committee; Hinkley Committee

Josh Chapman:  Pistols Director; PRBS Website; Girls Tournament Director

Matt Cremins: Bobcat (BC) League President; 1st Grade Fall Ball; Health & Safety Committee; Field Equipment Boxes

Tom Farinella
VICE PRESIDENT; Sponsors; Rules & Discipline Committee

Michael Giambarberee:  LSFBL Committee; Construction Project Chairman; WebStore (on-line merchandise Travel & Premier League); Premier League Training age 11 and over

Steve Gianikos: Warrior Director; Warrior Scheduler & Try Out

Sherri Gricius: Future Stars (FS) League President

George Grigus: Equipment Room Committee;  Scoreboard/PA System Maintenance; Construction Committee; Historian (photos)

Mases Hagopian: Pony, Colt, Palomino & Thoroughbred League President (Spring/Fall); Mustang & Bronco Fall Ball; Premier League Training age 10 and under

Anna Hamilton:  Junior Girls (JG) League President; Newsletter; Opening Day Ceremonies; Girls Premier League Training

Ted Haufle:  Equipment Room Coordinator; Warrior Assistant Director; White Sox Liaison; Rules & Discipline Committee;  Awards; Hinkley Committee

Dave Hoffman:  Mustang (AA) League President;  Equipment Room Committee; Hinkley Committee

Peter Kapetan: Bronco (AAAd) League President; Managers Appreciation Dinner; Pinto Fall Ball League President; Galas Coordinator

Adam Kendall: Wildkit League President; Photography

Bob (Rocky) Nowaczyk: Bronco League Vice President; Equipment Room Committee; Directors Dinner

Ron RothSECRETARY; Pre-Teen (PT) and Pony Girls (PG) League President; State & Federal Tax Requirements

Eric Tarasievch: TREASURER Pinto (WC) League President; Uncle Sam Slam Boys Tournament Director

Steve Vogg
:  Lake Shore Feeder Baseball League (LSFBL) Liaison

What are the responsibilities and commitment of the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors are volunteers who are not compensated for their responsibilities and duties as a Director.  Directors make a commitment to attend Board meetings (approx. 12/year), attend Registrations, Try Outs, Annual Managers Meeting, Opening Day Ceremonies, Tournaments and other functions as related to their specific Board assignments.

How does one get elected to the Board of Directors?

Candidates can be nominated by current board members or interested parties may submit an application to the Board.  Candidates are interviewed and then voted on by the Board of Directors at an open meeting of the Board.

How are the officers’ elected for PRBS??

The Officers (President/Commissioner; Vice President; Secretary; Treasurer) of the Corporation shall be elected annually by the Board of Directors. If the election of Officers is not be held at such meeting, such election shall be held as soon thereafter as conveniently may be. Vacancies may be filled or new offices created at any meeting of the Board of Directors. Each Officer shall hold office until his successor shall have been duly elected and shall have qualified.

Do Board Members receive any compensation?

Directors shall not receive any stated salaries for their services. Provided nothing herein contained shall preclude the reimbursement of any Director for expenses incurred on behalf of the Corporation.

Who gets paid by Park Ridge Baseball??

Umpires, scorekeepers, and statisticians and are paid.  Directors receive no compensation, and are all volunteers.

Is Park Ridge Baseball/Softball a non for profit organization?

Park Ridge Baseball/Softball is an Illinois non for Profit Corporation.

Is Park Ridge Baseball required to have an audit on an annual basis?

Yes, when our total gross receipts exceed $500,000 for a fiscal year, as is required by the Illinois Attorney General.  However, even when not required by law, Park Ridge Baseball/Softball does an audit each year.

What is the mission or goal of Park Ridge Baseball?

To provide the youth of the Park Ridge area with an opportunity to participate in sports without regard to their ability and combat juvenile delinquency by educating the youths in sportsmanship and good citizenship.


How are rules proposed and adopted each year for the different leagues?

League Presidents seek input from their managers on proposed rule changes. The League President then reviews the premier league rules at the conclusion of each season. Changes to the rules are evaluated by committee and proposed changes are discussed, rejected or adopted during our fall Board meetings.

What are the dates of the premier league season?

Our premier league starts approximately April 15th for practice depending on weather. 
The regular season starts each year early May based on the calendar each year. The season usually ends no later than July 15th.  This schedule can be affected by weather conditions, field availability, Holidays and playoff schedules.

Practice for Future Stars/T-Ball and Little Sluggers starts at the end of April. Their games begin mid May and run through mid July. Little Sluggers plays a weekday game at 6pm and a Saturday afternoon game.  Future Stars plays one game per week on Saturday afternoon. Both leagues practice one day per week ...(the day & time is determined by the manager).

How is league placement determined?

League placement is based on Age/School Grade;

Special situations; Player move up or move down, one time, as requested by parents and approved by the Board.

How are premier league teams formed?

In the Future Stars/T-Ball and Little Sluggers (Boy & Girls ages 5 & 6), Wildkit (Girls ages 7&8) and Bobcat (Boys age 7) Leagues, players are assigned primarily based on school enrollment.  Team Managers are also given input in player assignment.  The above leagues are intended to emphasize instruction and keep competitiveness to a minimum.  One drawback of placing too many players by school enrollment on a given team, is school programs and field trips etc., which could have a detrimental effect on game attendance on a given date.

Teams in Boys Leagues age 8 and over and Girls Leagues age 9 and over are formed by the league with input from the managers.  Team managers evaluate the players at the player assessment/try outs and are given player statistics from the previous season.  The intent is to insure  League is balanced and every player has a relatively equal chance of playing on a winning team. 

Why doesn’t the League accommodate requests to place friends on the same team and/or coaches to team up?

As previously stated above, PRBS strives for team parity and fairness.  The instructional leagues are formed primarily by school, while in any Division, we will allow a single player request.  Their are no guarantees of honoring the request, but the majority are honored.  Situations involving the best players in the Division wanting to be together won't be granted.  Also, at times "chaining requests" one requests someone, who requests someone else, etc. can lead to problems.

PRBS believes that not having a complete group of friends on a team also provides for boys and girls throughout the City to meet each other and develop friendships in addition to their school and neighborhood friends.  History show many of these new friendships last a lifetime.

Can you explain the bat rule that exists today for ages 7-12 boys?

Bats for 7 & 8 year old boys remain at the 2 1/4” diameter., while the rule for 9-12  expands the diameter to 2 5/8".  All new bats must have the "USA" stamp on them.    Baseball bats for ages 13 & up are governed by the Rules of the Chicago Suburban Youth Baseball Association (CSYBA).

Softball bats are all 2 1/4 diameter

What equipment does a plyer need to provide?

Each player must have their own batting helmet, glove, and cleats or gym shoes.  The program provides a full uniform and other team equipment.,

Do the uniforms need to be returned?

Uniforms are to be kept by the players except for the pants that can be returned to the manager or the equipment room mailbox.

When to return equipment and pants?

Team Equipment bags and pants are to be returned on assigned days sent by the equipment room manager.


How and when is the travel teams formed?

Our travel teams (boys and girls) are formed usually around the end of August. Tryouts are open to all local Park Ridge boys and girls within the specified age groups.

When does the travel season start and end?

The travel teams start practice in the off season in Late January (based on age- Oldest start late January and youngest start February.  Both travel programs may have preseason tournaments during Memorial Day Weekend as well as the Travel League Schedule. Tournament and league play extend through July typically ending prior to August1st.

Players may play 40 -50 games depending on age and tournaments played.

What are the costs for playing travel baseball or softball?

Travel costs differ by age. Costs can range from $500 - $1100 depending on age, tournaments played and items that need to be purchased.

Are there any rules about missing games during the season due to vacation or sickness?

Players can not miss more than 3 unexcused games due to non- injury related instances.

What tournaments or leagues does travel baseball or softball play and where (locations) are they played?

Boys: LSFBL (, MSBL (

Girls: NSFPL (   

Most tournaments are played within a 1 hour drive from home. League divisions are set up geographically with most games played nearby.



How are the fields maintained?

The Park Ridge Park District is responsible for field maintenance. Park Ridge Baseball/Softball pays a per player fee of $12. Park Ridge Baseball/Softball has input as to modifications needed for safety of the participants. 

What improvements to the fields have occurred and are planned?

Below is a partial list of improvements we have accomplished. We have broken the topics out with some examples and a dollar total by group. Overall we have spent over $800,000 to upkeep and improve our fields.  

BLEACHERS: Various fields ($20,000)

FIELD RENOVATIONS:  Sod, dirt, hitting stations, general field repairs, lighting,   ($415,000)

FIELD EQUIPMENT: Bases, banners, pennants, equipment boxes, paint, benches, refurbish helmets and player equipment ($110,000)

FENCING/BACKSTOPS: Dugouts, backstops, fencing at fields, batting tunnels, posts for on deck fencing, ($185,000)

SCOREBOARD/PA SYSTEMS: New Scoreboard controllers, repair scoreboard controllers update score boards at Hinkley, wiring ,announcing stands, controller storage boxes, speakers ($73,000)

THORGUARD: (weather alert system) ($10,000)

WATER/FOUNTAINS: Water lines, sprinklers, drinking fountains ($19,000)

How are the fields prepared on game days after it rains?

 On a busy day, we can have 24 fields going...a decision is made by the Park
District as to which fields will be worked on a wet day based on the time
available until game time.  Sometimes a large field will take one hour to
prepare.  That same hour could get 3 fields playable.  In this case, the
large field may be cancelled.  When the coaches see that field, they will
say "if someone had worked on it, it would be playable".  Again, it's a
time, materials, equipment and numbers game. 

Are there any plans to light more fields in Park Ridge?

Not at this time.

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Park Ridge Baseball / Softball

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Park Ridge Baseball / Softball

P.O. Box 1044, FAX: 847.770.4965
Park Ridge, Illinois 60068

Email: [email protected]
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